Next Generation

This is a piece I had done for the fantasy creature bust challenge on instagram with xp-pen and hosted by Raf Grassetti.

My initial thoughts for this piece was to create an Orc who’s far ahead in his lifetime. The appearance of this elder Orc shows that he’s fought his battles and his wounds are forever a part of him. Although he’s scarred forever and age is catching up to him he remains upright carrying the next generation on his shoulders. I thought this next generation story was befitting for this challenge as XP-Pen comes out with a new product.

The “XP” in XP-PEN is also incorporated within the pose and character attributes. The toddler holds the sticks with burned ends(as pencils) and they cross at the bottom forming an “X”. The one horn on the elder’s helmet and the side of his face gives off a silhouette
of a “P”.