Chieftain Drogo

Final renders for my dothraki and orc mashup character. This character is based off of Jason Mamoa's Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. I've been inspired by so many great work with photo real portraits. There are so many areas of creating photo real portraits that I struggle with such as eyes and skin details. With this project I finally got my hands on some texture xyz skin alphas and these have definitely helped improve my skin details. I used Zbrush to sculpt and detail then I retopologized the model in Blender 2.82a using RetopoFlow 3 beta. This add-on is just so great! I honestly find it relaxing using this addon to retopologize my characters now. Using substance painter I added some extra skin details. Lighting and render in Blender with Cycles. I am thinking of trying to set this up in Unreal Engine for learning purposes and see how good I can get it to look. I did set up hair cards with textures and kept the scene abit optimized but it wasn't quite working out. Will tackle it again some other time, but for now I am calling this good. Hope you guys like it! 🙂🙏