My Hero Academia - Class 1A

This was a fun little personal project! I had caught up with this show recently and it inspired me to do some 3D renditions of the characters. With this project I wanted to push myself in sculpting with Zbrush. I focused on the design part and worried less about clean topology. I wanted to improve my sculpting skills, test out new sculpting principles, and texturing. I definitely feel more confident in producing characters and hardsurface modeling in Zbrush.

For my next project I'm thinking about doing a few Greek mythological gods. I've always enjoyed Greek mythology and I want to take this opportunity to create sort of an oil paint esque shot, but I will be doing the olymipians of choice individually first.

Hope you guys enjoyed these "My Hero Academia" 3D character renditions! :)

In the words of the great All Might, "Whether you win or lose... You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience."