Work In Progress / 22 May 2020

Dothraki & Orc Mashup Project

One of the things I enjoy the most is sculpting orcs! :) For this project I've been inspired by so many great portrait work. I wanted to create an Orc but get it as photoreal as I can get it while still keeping the model optimized. With this in mind I plan on setting this up in Unreal Engine at the end to get some more practice. I used texture xyz skin alphas in zbrush with a combination of skin materials in Substance Painter. This was my first time using texture xyz contents and I still need to learn the workflows. With the use of texture xyz's skin alphas I'd say this is probably the best skin work I've done so far. Of course there's always room for improvement. :) The face and facial features are based of Jason Mamoa in Game of Thrones. He already looked BA in the show so I thought it was a good inspiration to draw from. The current stage of this is hair phase. This is the first pass of using cards for hairs so more refinement will be needed. Hope you guys like it! Let me know if you have any tips or questions. Thanks guys!