Making Of / 19 June 2020

Ne Zha The Protector

This is a project that was inspired by the Netflix film Nezha. Nezha is the deity of protection in Chinese folk religion. I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to do my own take on the protector. 

My recent projects I've been studying abit on 3d character production for games. I did have a good understanding of the process a character goes through from modeling to texturing, but needed improvement. Plus there's always something new to learn right?! 😀

This is the final animation rendered out with Eevee and comped in After Effects. Hope you guys like it! 

For these shots I'm trying to improve my skin detailing. I used texture xyz skin alphas to detail in Zbrush. There's definitely stuff I could improve on this such as the hair and eyes, but didn't want to get too hung up on creating a super photoreal close up of the face. My goal from the start of the project was to create a game ready character.

This is the final with polycounts. I did went over my goal 60K polys, but wanted to push this project through and move on. If it wasn't a personal project I'd definitely go back and optimize abit more. The torso leather pieces could've definitely been lower. Something to learn for next project! 

Procedural eye made in blender following CG Cookies tutorial. I also made mouth pieces with procedural textures I can place in my future characters and modify to speed up process. 

This project started with ZBrush like all my character projects. :D After I had the base sculpt down I brought a decimated version of it into Blender and retopologized using the RetopoFlow 3 beta addon. This is a great retopology tool and definitely makes the process less frustrating! :) 

After the body was read I started working on blocking out rough clothing and armor. I don't usually apply color to the rough sculpts but I tried it out on this project and it definitely brought out abit more life to the rough sculpt and gave me a pretty good understanding of what I wanted it to look like color wise. 

After I finished with the rough sculpts of clothing and armor I started cleaning up and retopologizing. I ended up just using zremesh for the clothing and armor because they didn't have to be perfect and this just speeds up the process as well. I grouped together materials that are relative to each other such as all leathers grouped, metals grouped, etc. Unwrapping was done in zbrush as well. Although I did ended up splitting up some of the peices to get better uv and paint resolution in substance painter. 

Finally the character was further developed in Blender. Materials, rigging, animation, then lighting and rendering. I added a cube and applied a volume material to it to get the fog effect. My final renders for this project were rendered in Blenders real time engine Eevee. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the visuals and a little bit of the process. I'll include abit more contents on next character projects! ✌️