Work In Progress / 23 April 2020

The Master Thief - Game Character Study WIP

Originally for ArtStationJam Once Upon A Time theme but will push this further for learning purposes! :) I took this community challenge as an opportunity to study and learn how to create a game ready character. I was inspired by the theme of producing something based of off a fairy tale. The fairy tale I chose is "The Master Thief". I am trying to learn and find good practices and school of thoughts for video game character production so please let me know if you guys have some tips, critiques, or advice! :) Thanks guys and hope you guys like the wip contents! 

Started with modeling in ZBrush. The base model is a male sculpt I had done specifically for this project. It is available for purchse on my store! :) 

Clothing is always a challenge for me in Zbrush. I am considering getting marvelous designer sometime soon. What do you guys recommend? 

I'm still abit new in substance painter but I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

With this being built as a game character I'm setting up some quick render tests with Eevee. Ultimately I want to try to set this up in Unreal Engine when all the assets are done. 

It's always a learning process! :) 

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any advice or great tutorials I should watch for game character production! 

Thanks guys!